The Happiness Tree becomes part of a performance,  a story told through shadow puppets, music, song and dance
   Prior to the performance, visitors are invited to share a moment of unexpected happiness on a tag, hang it on the Happiness Tree and see what others have shared
 It inspired by the idea that happiness lives in small unexpected things  that we are surrounded with.   These moments may often slip by unnoticed.
 Remembering these small moments and seeing them for the joy  they bring creates happiness which, grows when shared with others.
 The structure of the Happiness Tree is a simple white umbrella on a rod,  this along with the white color reflect the purity and simplicity of happiness.  The umbrella represents a feeling of comfort and shade just  as experiencing happy memories bring us the same.
   A feeling of joy and wonder is experienced standing under the happiness tree,  with the tags hanging and twirling above. And just when you least expect it  you see something someone has drawn or written that makes you smile.
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