These are the main areas of focus for AAAS through which they promote the  advancement of science and serve society. These range from policy making to education and beyond
      Here is an example of a scrolling Focus Area page. The cards present a diverse range of resources  from news, events, videos, fellowships to toolkits and publications that may relate to the Focus Area.  Users can use the filter panel to find what they are looking for.  Below that is a panel of related items to spark further exploration
          The Resource Centre serves as a composite repository of all the resources from all Programs and Focus Areas. They can be easily sorted and searched for using the filter panel. This makes it easier to find a resource one is looking for.
                      The Our Programs page provides a list of programs that AAAS offers under each of its Focus Areas
           Here is an example of a Program Page, It was designed keeping in mind  + Easy customization through modularity  + Encouraging exploration and easy access to related resources  + Keeping the viewer knowledgable of where they are + Each program has its own local navigation
       Modules of the System
       Site Map
    A few pages from the AAAS Learnings Document  used to onboard new project members
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